Omadhoo is incredibly peaceful, so you will frequently have the beach and ocean to yourself. The settlement occupies two-thirds of the island, which is 1000 metres long and 300 metres broad. Although the town is not very gorgeous to post on Instagram, it offers a charming and fascinating peek into Maldivian "real life" that large resorts are unable to provide. 

There are 1000 people living on the lovely, middle-sized island of Omadhoo in Ari Atol. Since there aren't many visitors, the underwater life hasn't yet been harmed. From the best beach in Maldives, you can access the best snorkelling there. The little but lovely tourist bikini beach has white sand and, of course, chairs and umbrellas available for your relaxation. Small hospital, a few stores, and coffee shops are all on the island. Sandbanks nearby are accessible as a day trip.

Right now, we provide a very welcoming little maldives family holidaypackages guesthouse with only 4 rooms (other 2 rooms are going to be build during the low season to be ready for main season). There is a restaurant and bar outside where music is played all day.

The guesthouse's service is really wonderful, on par with many higher class hotels, and the rooms are bright and clean.


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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Speedboat Move 

The speedboat move from Male' to Omadhoo Island regularly requires 1.5 hours and costs 25USD per individual one way. For speedboat reservations, if it's not too much trouble, contact your visitor housel for additional subtleties. 

Malé - Omadhoo 16:00 (Saturday - Thursday, 6 days every week) 

Omadhoo - Malé 07:00 (Saturday - Thursday, 6 days every week) 

Malé - Omadhoo 09:30 (on Friday) 

Omadhoo - Malé 07:00 (on Friday) 

Ship Dhoni (Public Transportation) 

Travel time is 4.5 hours. Cost is $7 (106.00 Maldives Rufiyaa) two way 

Malé - Omadhoo: 09:00 Saturday, Monday and Wednesday 

Omadhoo - Malé: 10:00 Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 

There is no ATM on Omadhoo, so kindly stock money in Malé. You can organize the traffic plan and the exchange type ahead of time with the staff of your visitor house (suggested),

The Island

The Island

Situated from west to east, Omadhoo is very peaceful and you will wind up with the sea shore and sea to yourself more often than not. The town takes up 2/3 of the island that is estimated 1000m in long and 300m in wide. The town isn't especially pleasant to post in Instagram, despite the fact that it is a curious and intriguing look into 'reality' in the Maldives, which enormous hotels can't offer. 

With around 1000 occupants, local people are inviting, smily and welcomly. Life in Omadhoo is straightforward and has changed almost no in the course of the last hardly any hundred years. Here and there modest, ladies are wearing dark from top to toe remaining generally inside the houses. Men gradually riding around on the little island by bicycles/motorbikes or reparing their boats. Nights are loaded up with supper arrangements, typically new fish, curries and rice and with diversion: chess, customary drumming and talking legislative issues until the little hours. As you presumably allready realize liquor is precluded here - so no sundowners here! 

The a large portion of Omadhoo occupants making their job from fishing, educating, claiming little shops and organizations or by working in the island gathering. With a spiritualist air, this is practically what you experiece of the nearby island life aside from the muezzin calling for petition 5 times each day at the neighborhood mosque. Investigating the island you will discover a ship port, emergency clinic, post, a modest bunch of minimarkets and bistros, just as a school and a football field here. 

The eastern and western portion of the island is covered with tropical vegetation, for example, breadfruit and coconut trees. The island's western part could be depicted as genuine 'wilderness' because of a rich plenitude of immense banyan trees and tropical palms. Omadhoo is home to winged creatures and flying foxes and furthermore an inquisitive herons.

The Beach

The Beach

Omadhoo's white sand coastlines is one of those really perfect stretches of fragile sands that have placed the Maldives on the guide across the world. The island's western tip is designated with a spectacular sand spit taht is especially perfect at low tide. It is realy dazzling! Going up against clearly west, this coastline offers an optimal sunset. There is a stretch of sand which is submersed by a foot of water, so you can wander into the sea which is a dazzling experience. West beach is the singular placed on Omadhoo where bathing suits are permitted, and you'll rarely see any nearby individuals on the actual coastline. There are relatively few voyagers on the flawless coastline, and there are a couple of sun beds seeming to be a wave. It takes 10 minutes to walk around the two-piece coastline, and the road goes through a wonderful woods domain, a ton of shade and not hot.

The east coastline is standard with neighborhood individuals, but half as lovely and overflowing with litter - the ocean back and forth movements obviously wash an extraordinary arrangement up here squander wherever on the beach. Different coastlines are very little to report - there are a few tiny sandy patches between vegetation.

With two entryways, the house reef incorporating the island is pure and guiltless with remarkable live corals and surprising marine life, ideal for swimming and scuba bouncing. West beach is the best spot for house reef swimming. Coral here is questionable, there is heaps of sand patches. However most of the corals are dead, sadly (blurred) and the tones have disappered into a burial ground looking white. Go fairly farther, and the coral ends up being all the more thick, until it covers the entire ocean profundities. The lowered detectable quality is astonishing and desire to recognize various sea creatures, including reef sharks, bars and turtles, similarly as moray eels, lobsters, parrot fish, anemone and comic fish. The region where the island drops off into tremendous water - and the most biodiverse fragment. It is faltering to keep an eye out into the dim blue ocean as you coast over the reef. Faltering. You will see so various delightful fish here it is amazing. It is so easy to swim, yet to get the best you really ought to be a certain swimmer and it is fundamental for note where the current is taking you! Guest houses give free swimming stuff.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

The Maldives is a certifiable plunging heaven, and with dealing with manta radiates, smooth whale sharks and mentoring hammerheads, the Ari Atoll is a pelagic dream. Exceptional kandus plunges, beautiful thilas, heaps of different fish: fishes, barracudas, sharks, turtles - all that you can detect.

There is Omadhoo Hop Center Padi on the island. For ensured jumpers they offer morning, night and night fun dive boat trips every day. For fledglings the dive local area offers an introdives with the master instructors or a base PADI Untamed Water Jumper course.

The top notch plunge districts around the island of Omadhoo are impeccable and guiltless, and the OD bouncing gathering is researching the zone to make you an underlying visitor into the amazing lowered world. Omadhoo Thila, Madivaru (Manta Point), Maamigili Kandu are objections ought to bounce!

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