Acclaimed for the most wonderful sea shores, Kelaa is an occupied island in Haa Alifu atoll in the luxury Maldives. Opening for spending the travel industry in 2015, Kelaa is the legitimate insight of the Maldives with a modest bunch of visitor houses on the island, white sea shores, a delightful tidal pond and an amazing ocean life. Regardless of whether it's a performance trip, a special night or a family occasion, everybody will discover here their own piece of heaven at best luxury maldives resorts

Local people are truly accommodating and thoughtful individuals, and they thoroughly take care of the exceptional experience of their visitors on Kelaa, and numerous who have visited here arrangement to get back to the best island in Maldives once more. Today (2018) on the island there are three visitor houses: Occasion Home Kelaa, Sea shore Home Kelaa and Summer Home Kelaa.

Summer Home Kelaa

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

The exchange from Male to Kelaa requires around three hours. To begin with, anticipate a non-stop flight (45 minutes) by Maldivian Air to Hanimaadhoo Global Air terminal (HAQ) followed 30 minutes speed boat ride to Kelaa Island. A word of wisdom: don't accepting carrier tickets online on the aircraft's site. Send aa message to your visitor house - they will book air tickets for you twice less expensive than the air transporter's site. Departures from Male are worked day by day and at Hanimaadhoo air terminal you will be greated by the inn's staff. 

Additionally, in the event that you have the opportunity and persistence, you can head out to Kelaa from/in Male by a week after week food boat, that likewise utilizes as a traveler ship. "Arafa Express" is modest and lively, and beyond what many would consider possible is a genuine Maldivian experience. When seven days, a 18 hour trip through a modest bunch of atolls in a quiet sea, in the midst of the inviting local people, a large number of whom will like you this is perhaps the most noteworthy ocean journeys in your day to day existence. You can discover the subtleties and the timetable of the ship traffic through your inn on Kelaa, by a mail to them. There are no ATMs on Kelaa, so stock up on money in Malé!

The Island

The Island

The island is huge by Maldivian guidelines and its stunning inside is ideal for the individuals who like exercises and experience. With a populace of in any event 2,000 spirits, the lone town is in the northern piece of the island. Here you will discover nearby shops where you can purchase crucial easily overlooked details, including sunscreen, organic product, chocolate or mosquito repellent. There is a school and a clinic on the island moreover. Neighborhood inhabitants live by fishing and cultivating, albeit many are now working in the travel industry. 

From recorded realities, it is realized that in 1934 the English made their station here and it worked until the finish of the Subsequent Universal Battle, as a simple of RAF Gan in the south of the country. A mosque worked during the rule of King Mohamed Ibn Ali (Muhammad Mohyeddine) (Promotion 1692-1701) of the Utheemy Dynastry actually stands today as a recorded spot of interest on the island. This was the ruler who restored the Islamic corrective code. 

On the off chance that you stay on the island during the festival of Eid-al-Adha (Muslim occasion), you can see social and customary occasions with nearby music and sports. Everything is remarkable for Kelaa. 

You can lease a motorbike, however it's smarter to take free bikes and investigate the obscure coconut forests and thick timberlands riding across the island visiting a watermelons, pumpkins and eggplants ranches, or to discover the path to the mangrove swamp. Nights for the most part occur on the sea shore, with companions under a tropical sky brimming with stars, discussing life. Given that the island is in a real sense covered in tropical vegetation - in the sundown, anticipate the presence of a multitude of mosquitoes.

The Beach

The Beach

Three kilometers in length and a little more than 1 km in the vastest part, Kelaa Island is one of the biggest possessed islands and is geologically important for the Thiladhummathi Atoll in the north of the Maldives. Situated carefully from north to south, the succulent green island brags one the longest sea shores in the nation - 2.5 kilometers of white, profound and delicate sands. The all out length of Kelaa sea shores is 7.5 kilometers. There are no jetties or dividers - the design of the sea shore is driven ordinarily itself. To put it plainly, you will effectively discover your place under the sun. 

As a sickle, an enormous and shallow tidal pond is ideal for swimming youngsters and is noteworthy during the sentimental dusk hours. Perfectly clear water is an assortment of shades of blue, green and turquoise relying upon the sun position. The long, wide, clean sand strip offers a few separate segments of the swimsuit sea shore that are subtly tucked away among Plumeria shrubs and coconut palms, including lawn chairs and sea shore umbrellas. Thick vegetation gives an incredible feeling of security and causes you to feel that you are distant from everyone else on the island, on your wedding trip. The sea shore on the eastern side is smaller and with coarser sand. Nearby occupants clean the sea shores consistently. 

The pleasant water exercises you will discover at water sport focus close to the focal dock (close to Occasion Home Kelaa). In the menu: mechanized and non-mechanized games, including plane ski, windsurfing, banana, sailboat and the sky is the limit from there. 

The house reef extends along the east side roughly 100 meters from the sea shore and it prescribed for swimming just to the most experienced swimmers thinking about the solid flows. In the event that you like swimming, at that point search for fish, beams, sharks and turtles around the island's southern tip, or far and away superior book the swimming journeys that neighborhood visitor houses offer with reasonable rates. You are ensured close contact with manta beams and whale sharks (in the season obviously).

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Plunging administrations on the island are offered by Occasion Home Kelaa, however they are not customary and are shut occasionally. So if your can list incorporates jumping at Kelaa - make a development demand. The inn's staff will help orchestrate you plunging from the closest retreat. 

Scuba making a plunge Haa Alifu atoll (home to Kelaa island) is truly outstanding in the Maldives. Since there are just two retreats here - private jumping is ensured to you. 

Corals are impeccably reestablished after the 2004 tidal wave, and on different reefs, hard and delicate coral developments offer an astonishing scene and energetic existence of fish and full scale. Plunging is very basic contrasted with different atolls because of wide channels and shallower profundities: flows are not solid. 

Manta beams are principally seen from December to May, and two plunges at cleaning stations offer jumpers the chance to appreciate close contact with monsters at shallow water. Likewise inside the atoll are regularly discovered huge gatherings of dolphins and pelagic species.

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