Ideal for couples and honeymooners, Drift Thelu Veliga Retreat is the main property from the new Maldivian brand "Float Retreats and Travels", a name that tries to give real Maldives' experience. 

Pearl of South Ari Atoll, the shop inn is situated on a little, 1.1 hectare private Theluveligaa island and offers just 30 manors. Convenience incorporates 10 sea shore cottages a short distance from delicate white sand, and another 20 water estates with direct admittance to the sea. The shallow tidal pond is ideal for swimming and water sports, there is a decent spa, and in the event that you are a jumper you likely definitely know from our past audits of what Southern Ari Atoll has to bring to the table, including whale sharks and Manta beams. 

With an accentuation on detachment from the remainder of the world, Thelu Veliga Retreat ensures a lovely float in a tropical heaven with basic delights, in the provincial extravagance setting, customized Maldivian cordiality, diversion streaming not from innovation but rather from nature ... encircled by dazzling characteristic magnificence.

Drift Thelu Veliga Retreat

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Known for its exceptional, untainted normal excellence and marine life, the hotel is found 90 kilometers southwest of the Maldivian capital Malé, in the South Ari Atoll. With its own home reef, the island is a little more than a hectare (10,000 sq. meters) in size. Visitors may venture out to the island 2ly: by means of a brief seaplane venture from Velana Worldwide Air terminal; or through a brief homegrown exchange from Malé to Maamigili Homegrown Air terminal, trailed by a brief speedboat ride. 

Ari Atoll is known for its brilliant submerged scenes, where whale sharks, manta beams and dolphins are top-attractions of elite plunge destinations, and the hotel is simply floating near this mesmerizing assortment of marine life.



Moderate shrouded jewel in South Ari Atoll that invites visitors matured 12 years and more than, a comfortable heaven island is possessed by 30 estates, where visitors can appreciate the provincial effortlessness, upgraded by huge spaces and present day comfort. Every one of estates are elegantly embellished in customary Maldivian style utilizing painstakingly picked common materials, neighborhood relics and warm, impartial tones. For the ideal personal break we suggest remaining in one the island's twenty Water Manors that sit on braces over the island's turquoise tidal pond and offer visitors direct admittance to the shallow tidal pond and the chance to appreciate the heavenly vistas from the protection of their own patio. 

10 sea shore manors, all of 39 sq.m. are covered up on the sea shore, among lavish greenery, giving an extraordinary protection. Sea shore estates all have direct admittance to a powder delicate sands and a perspective on the turquoise completely clear waters of the Indian Sea past. 

20 Water Estates, each ?54 sq.m., moored in a lovely tidal pond on one or the other side of the wharf offering visitors the opportunity to appreciate the excellence of the Maldives, directly from their own patio. Complete with a shocking restroom with a huge shower and separate shower and direct admittance to the tidal pond, Water Manors furnish visitors with the ideal security. Furthermore, half of water estates take a gander at the dawn, while the other half respect the incredible round of dusks over Ari Atoll, and in the event that you like swimming - from the eastern manors there is simple admittance to the house reef swimming. 

The manors' plan mirrors the customary climate of the Maldives, blended in with common tones and nearby specialties, impeccably supplementing the excellence of the rest of the world. Normal light floods the rooms through huge windows and the beds are situated inverse entryways that lead straightforwardly to the sea shore or to the tidal pond. 

Float Thelu Veliga summons pictures of the customary, immaculate qualities ??of the Maldives, permitting visitors to totally unwind and plunge into a desert garden of peacefulness away from the confusion of present day innovation. 

All estates have the accompanying conveniences: a jumbo bed, cooling, smaller than normal bar, hairdryer and tea/espresso making offices, just as other lovely things, remembering an enormous choice of common makeup for the washroom produced using natural teas. The rooms don't have a television, for somebody it's a major in addition to!

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

With a valid covered rooftop, open for breakfast, lunch and supper, the retreat's just café offers a meal for every one of your faculties. The best tables are on the deck sitting above the sapphire tidal pond. Plans for suppers: from breakfast to full board. The last is more best, taking into account that everything is scrumptious on the menu. 

A group of skilled cooks get ready dishes of different foods of the world from dawn to haziness, zeroing in on provincial island cooking and claims to fame of Asian impacts. Situated by the sea shore, even the experts will be fulfilled here; Culinary specialist Chaminda and his group are more than able to address your issues. Breakfast is a clear thought of ??all the organic products you can envision, with different cooked dishes each day and fine bushels for cakes to push you for exercises. 

The accentuation is on quality fixings and dishes from new fish and fish, nearby items where conceivable, to ensure high caliber and assortment. 

An ideal spot for a mixed drink, the beachfront relax confronting the dusk, with thrilling perspectives exhibiting the very best from nature, which is difficult to beat. 

The Parlor's huge comfortable daybeds give a definitive space to unwinding and are awesome on the off chance that you need to while away the evening with a decent book, snooze in the soothing tropical air, or extinguish your thirst with a chilled lager or a new squeeze. 

The broad menu works for the duration of the day, implying that visitors can eat in the crisp morning breeze, appreciate the glow of the noontime sun or watch the stars and tune in to the hints of nature around.



Should you wish to mix from your unspoiled environmental factors, Float Thelu Veliga Retreat offers a scope of exercises including scuba jumping, dusk travels and free swimming outings. 

Reviving safe-haven, the overwater THEMAE Spa is situated in the eastern piece of the island and has three treatment rooms disregarding the tidal pond. A painstakingly chosen spa menu consolidates compelling back rubs and medicines from Indonesia, Thailand and India, including facial and body medicines, all performed by experienced specialists. The retreat likewise holds private yoga classes, typically in the early morning. 

Aside from unwinding and pacifying in the excellence of the island, you can partake in one of the numerous exercises in the Float Retreat, for example, windsurfing, kayaking, Kite Surfing, sailboat and water skiing. 

Mainstream dayly journeys incorporate a visit to the nearby islands, picnics on uninhabited shoals, customary fishing, swimming outings, watching whale sharks, pursuing dolphins and dusk travels. 

Swimming in Float won't intrigue you, as the house reef doesn't have large amounts of marine life, however you can join the every day free swimming outings to the close by reefs, where you can swim well with a veil and snorkel. Each day at 10:00 on the reef there are free swimming excursions for fledglings under the direction of exceptionally qualified staff, and for experts on the island there is a jumping school. 

Simply a brief speedboat ride away from Float Retreat, near Maamigili Island, is the acclaimed Whale Shark Purpose of South Ari Atoll. Known as the chief area on the planet for spotting and swimming with the delicate monsters of the ocean, more than 80 novel whale sharks call this secured district home. 

The new jumping community Additional Jumpers is situated on Thelu Veliga's pier. The menu incorporates a standard arrangement of PADI courses and outings to the best Ari Atoll plunge destinations. This locale is definitely truly outstanding and generally stupendous for scuba making a plunge the Maldives. The assortment of species goes from bat-fish and specialists fish, from barracudas to bird beams to whale sharks and manta beams throughout the entire year. 

Novel Encounters: Customary Daytime Fishing, In-Estate Champagne Breakfast, In-Manor bar-b-que, Dusk Journey, Supper on the Sea shore, Major Game Fishing, bar-b-que on a Remote location 

Week after week Exercises: Maldivian Night, Fish bar-b-que on the Sea shore, Film under the Stars.

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