Fehendhoo in the Maldives  is a occupied island positioned flanked by the islands of Goidhoo and Fulhadhoo in the Maldives. In the happening that you love swimming and jumping, sea shore life, ocean fishing and water sports from swarms - Fehendhoo is the most ideal decision. A decent exchange association, agreeable and moderate expediency, gleaming food, excellent support, wonderful sea, grand sea shores, fascinating outings and to wrap things up - abundant positive audits make this island heaven ideal for a expenditure pleasure trip with the entire family or a over-romantic outing. 

Island Fehendhoo is a lost Heaven, where you can encounter genuine district existence with extraordinarily decent little local area of just 100 local people. In the region of the island it is imaginable to see manta beams and snorkel with them. The island is encircled by incredible tidal pond and various shoals.



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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Get to Fehendhoo is most excellent by open motor boat Male-Goidhoo. Winning hallway in Malé air life-threatening, you will be met by staff and accompany to the motor boat. The pleasure trip time is 1.45 - 2 hours, dependent upon the climate. In the wake of homeward bound at Goidhoo, travelers are taken to Fehendhoo by a little boat, which requires around 5-10 minutes. The ticket cost is 33 USD per traveler single bearing in adding together to 10 USD for Goidhoo to Fehendhoo move. There is no ATM on Fehendhoo, so if it's not too much trouble, stock money in Malé. 

 A public speedboat from Male is leaving Eagerly ship terminal at 9 am on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Back to Malé at 13:30, on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In the event that you travel an enormous gathering, it's most ideal approach to book a private speed boat from Male air terminal. The rental cost is $900-1000/boat 

The subsequent choice (less budgetary) is by neighborhood aircraft from Malé air terminal to Dharavandoo air terminal. Flights are run day by day, the excursion time is 25 minutes, the ticket cost is $ 95 one way. From Dharavandoo air terminal to Fehendhoo by speedboat, the excursion time is 40 minutes, cost for leasing a boat is USD 150-200. We suggest booking plane tickets through your visitor house, not on the aircraft's site - it will be a lot less expensive! 

There is one more alternative. There is an inventory ship going from Male to Goidhoo once every week on Sunday night (from Sunday to Monday). Normally it withdraws in the 12 PM, the excursion requires around 5 hours. It returns from Goidhoo on Saturdays at 5 AM.

The Island

The Island

The Fehendhoo island with Fulhadhoo and Goidhu lies in Horsburgh (Goidhoo) Atoll taht is isolated from Baa (South Maalhosmadulhu) atoll by a six-mile-wide (9.7 km) channel. This atoll is oval fit as a fiddle and little, its most noteworthy length being 10 miles (16 km). The inward tidal pond has a profundity of 17 to 20 distances; it has a sandy base blended in with mud and earth. In contrast to the tidal ponds of most little atolls of the Maldives, this tidal pond is liberated from coral heads in its middle. 

An excellent and clean island with delicate white sands, Fehendhoo is estimated 2.5 km long and a normal of 200 meters wide. The real number of occupants on Fehendhoo Island is close to 100 individuals, and nearby kids go to the school of the adjoining island of Goidhoo utilizing a school boat rather than a school transport. Neighborhood inhabitants are useful, friendly, grinning individuals. They have a generally excellent demeanor to vacationers. There are 2 bistros, two minimarts and an emergency clinic on the island. The town is in the eastern piece of Fehendhoo, the remainder of the inside is a thick wilderness with lovely, sandy, obscure ways prompting pretty pocket sea shores. You can ride around the island by bikes that are given complimentary in the visitor house. Moderate Wi-Fi on the island, so purchase a sim-card with a portable Web at Male air terminal. The lone disadvantage is the mosquitoes. Carry with you mosquito anti-agents.

The Beach

The Beach

Extending from west to east, Fehendhoo is known for it's delightful white sandy sea shores. Notwithstanding the way that close to every visitor house there is own two-piece sea shore (clean day by day) with agreeable sunbeds, pads and sea shore towels, you can unwind and sunbathing on sea shores in the western piece of the island and for some time become their sole proprietors. The sea shores of the south coast looking to a perfect turquoise tidal pond with uncommon coral patches, while the north side is available to the sea and is supported by a broad house reef with great swimming, even close to the shore you can recognize an energetic marine life and sound corals. The northern sea shores are more extensive, rather than the pocket regions of white sand on the south side. On the sea shore there are numerous obscure vegetation, ideal to stow away from the sun on a sweltering day. As a rule, the sea shores are shocking, you will have umbrellas, beds, towels, kayaks, just as swimming stuff. 

The island's estern tip is neighboring a shoal with a perspective on the Goidhoo Island not too far off.

Things to Do

Things to Do

Water BLUE Fehendhoo is the authority PADI Jump Resort, worked by a German and Japanese couple with over 20 years of involvement instructing and making a plunge the Maldives and dealing with a few jump communities. 

The jumping school is situated on Fehendhoo Island and offers fun plunging trips, swimming exursions and water sports (counting mechanized) lasting through the year. During the southeast rainstorm, the most well known action is swimming with whale sharks and manta beams in Hanifaru Narrows, the lone UNESCO Biosphere Hold in the Maldives, which is perhaps the most striking occasions around there. 

Fehendhoo - a reasonable spot for swimming fans. With 3 unique spots, the island's home reef is home to turtles, beams, sharks and a vivid reef fish. A visitor houses' staff additionally offer swimming trips to different reefs around Fehendhoo. Close to the pier, happens stingrays taking care of in the nights. 

Specific exercises include: octopus chasing, a dolphin journey, football with neighborhood individuals, swimming with Manta beams, a large portion of a day and an entire day on an excursion island or a shoal undertakings, island jumping and substantially more. The normal expense of journey is around 50 USD. Likewise, you can investigate the wilderness: strolling, running or cycling; Go on an outing to the hotel Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, Imperial Island Resort and Spa and Kihaa Maldives, contingent upon accessibility and season; appreciate sentimental voyage at nightfall; attempt a lunch with a neighborhood family; Cooking class with local people and substantially more. 

Be that as it may, the best movement is, obviously, FISHING. You can appreciate: sea shore fishing, major game fishing, reef fishing, savaging, and a few other energizing strategies, day and night. Of throughout the, late evening fishing in the Maldives is the most renowned sort of fishing. You can get snappers, heads, barracudas, jacks and fish squirrels during late evening fishing.

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