Precious Diamonds Athuruga - Comprehensive is the situation when "in the event that it works, why change something." This hotel was perhaps the best and constantly famous in the country, however today Athuruga has gone through extraordinary changes and addresses simply the best side of the Maldives. Basically, all is well. 

Just when you see a strikingly new, light and current Athuruga, you most likely think, better believe it ... all things considered, perhaps it's somewhat obsolete (it was implicit 1990). The main Italian draftsman has changed all parts of the previous lodging and made another plan for 25 Water Manors. With staggering perspectives, the public territory was available to the sea shore and a white shading standing out impeccably from turquoise waters is generally utilized all through to give an incredibly breezy and glorious feel. The boards of the first coral dividers are unmistakably noticeable around the retreat, giving the island a true Maldives style. 

The old primary bar is presently a pizza joint. Another bar, another eatery and another front counter were given white sand floors, white cotton blinds and light earthy colored wood furniture. Everything is appealing, from a strict perspective: all the components allure you to proceed to investigate. Another shop and store for jumpers can likewise be remembered for this new rundown. In the parlor close to the gathering you will locate the solitary television in the lodging, just as a PC and wifi, at the same time, I should say, the rates for use are very high. For visitors of water manors there is Complimentary wireless internet in each room. Visitors likewise get an iPod docking station and can acquire an iPod if there are necessities. 

All visitors use on a liberally comprehensive bundle that incorporates free water sports, clothing, 1 island visit, and obviously all dinners, bites and beverages, except for champagne and premium brands of cognac and bourbon. Unique parlor in the Maldivian Air Taxi terminal is likewise a decent reward. The retreat's water manors have their own astonishing, new over-water café. The inn has diversion consistently, with music when supper, and a couple of shows or calm games in the nights.

Diamonds Athuruga - All Inclusive

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The Island

The Island

Implicit 1990, an in vogue, efficient retreat with a light and simple environment and in phenomenal style, the Italians-run Jewels Athuruga has worked really hard of remodeling the property. Carry a dull shades with you, since, in such a case that the splendid sun, reflected from perfectly clear turquoise waters and delicate white sand doesn't visually impaired you, it will make stylish and faultless white furnishings. 

Where the lodgings in its classification in the Maldives can ignore a few subtleties, Jewels Athuruga keeps them at the stronghold. It's elusive a cushion not set up, or a non-staff individual from a staff part. Despite the fact that it appears to be that a portion of the more frequented zones (for instance, a television relax) could utilize an attention drop, it's truly just in examination with the remainder of the lodging. 

This detail is in a sister property, Precious stones Thudufushi. They are marginally unique, on the grounds that Athuruga is situated on a more modest island, characterizing a more private and individual spot, which makes it obviously appropriate for couples or little families. However, the sea shore here is somewhat greater, with a ton of room for unwinding, particularly during the low tide. Inconveniences in an efficient and hard-dealt with transport show themselves in picking spots of food dependent on your kind of convenience, rather inflexible opening and shutting outlines for bars and eateries, and furthermore double seven days, the entire domain is exposed to synthetic fumigation, for the annihilation of mosquitoes. Nonetheless, the air is light and lively, with jokes and socialization in the bar when supper. 

Athuruga is surely cosmopolitan and fervently open to all identities, yet most would agree that the inn has Italian highlights. Numerous Italian staff and a large portion of the neighborhood staff communicate in Italian. Amusement, generally speaking, is multi-lingual. Anticipate a ton of Italians during the high season, with the Germans and conceivably the English lion's share at different seasons.



Situated on a minuscule and beautiful private island in South Ari Atoll, Athuruga sits on the shore that is encircled by a shallow house reef with a plentiful marine life, ideal for swimming with bright fish. All things considered, you ought not miss a snorkel trip to adjoining spots with turtles, sharks and beams. On account of the advantageous area in the Ari atoll's heart, visitors will locate that the water here is a lot calmer than around the sister property of Precious stones Thudufushi. 

Jewels Diamond Athuruga Island Resort lies at around 20 minutes picturesque trip via seaplane from Male Worldwide Air terminal. An occasion at Athuruga is a genuine Robinson Crusoe experience with all the benefits of wonderful administrations. In view of the nearness of the house reef, flights land on a drifting wharf and visitors are taken by boat to the retreat's appearances moor.



Plan shrewd, 44 Sea shore Cabins, 3 Junior Suite 21 Water Estates and 2 Two Room Water Manors involve the select Jewels Athuruga Sea shore and Water Estates. The incomparable rich Italian stylistic layout offers our visitors each solace, ensuring a restrictive stay in a desert spring of quiet quietness. 

Over-water cabins have since quite a while ago involved the Maldives' viewpoints, however on Athuruga they increased present expectations significantly higher. Actually no, not in light of their size or conveniences, yet for their striking effortlessness and style of plan. The absence of balustrade on the deck opens out the tidal pond and vista, while sensible security is kept up by the distance between the rooms and their situating. Numerous a sea shore cabin inhabitant will move up to the over-water manor in any event for a couple of days of their visit. Some of the time it appears to be that cutting edge rooms in the Boho style are just humiliated by extravagance, however a smaller than normal bar, individual deck, bidet and tropical shower are standard updates, just as an iMac and an individual switch 

Confronting the pristine waters and with direct admittance to the sea shore, the 44 Sea shore Cabins are furnished with verandas with private patios highlighting easy chairs, tables and hammocks. The entirety of the rooms highlight an outside shower. Proprietors of sea shore homes are encouraged to move up to Overwater Manor for at any rate a couple of days stay. Not as a result of the way that the cottages are excessively far in the inside of the island. For sea shore sweethearts, this is an ideal dream, since they are not situated behind the obstruction of greenery, however directly on the sand. Furthermore, the sea shore on the Athuruga is still wonderful, circling the entire way around a little round island. Occasional disintegration is checked by some siphoning several crotches on the west and northwest corners. 

Beforehand, on the island, rooms 1-3, appreciated the visitors by a wild prominence, as they were on an enormous sea shore near the fundamental structure and confronting dusk. Presently before them extended the water manors breakwater and the sun fixes behind the dock, so their notoriety immediately disappeared offering route to the number 9-13, the decision of which is the best today. Standard level Sea shore Lodges are extensive with vaulted roofs and moderate style worked out altogether white dividers and square shaped, glass-beat wooden furnishings, and have halfway covered, yet completely open air, restrooms. Individual decks void right out onto the delicate sand and have sets of retro-current loungers and love seats, and two plastic sea shore seats, in addition to umbrellas out on the sand. Minibars are supplied with sodas, water, and brew. Each room has glass entryways, and a straightforward inside, without a television with a wooden veranda and direct admittance to the decks on the bright sea shore. Individual decks lead straightforwardly to the delicate sand with a bunch of current retro sun beds and love seats, and there are additionally two plastic sea shore seats, in addition to umbrellas on the sand. The rooms are situated two by two, splitting the wooden deck between themselves and are firmly isolated by long seats. 

While Thudufushi has a spanning class of Sea shore Junior Suite, Athuruga's next knock up goes directly to the water manors. In the event that you move up to a customary Water Manor, you'll exchange the sand and outside restroom for a gigantic overwater deck with direct access into the ocean 25 water estates facilitating a private enormous porch with direct admittance to the water. All rooms are outfitted with customized environment control, classy outfitting including specially designed rattan furniture, overhang kind size beds, Italian contemporary lighting and hand tailored wooden parquet floors. Every estate offers sufficient living space with an agreeable couch bed, small scale bar corner and espresso and tea making offices. Anticipate more liquor in the minibar; hairdryers with diffusers, and a vanity work area with a cosmetics reflect. Champion highlights of all Water Estates are the free in-room Wi-Fi and open-plan relax zones, gigantic wooden decks with stylish loungers, couches, and table and seats; individual iMacs; and Settle Zeal Dolce coffeemakers.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Jewels Athuruga resort has five distinct cafés, exceptional cooks and an enthusiasm for food of the best expectations, icluding Vegetarian EXPERIENCE. Sea shore Lodges visitors are served at the primary sea shore front MAAKEYN Smorgasbord Café for breakfast and lunch and a themed buffet supper. The Worldwide Smorgasbord Breakfast offers a wide choice of new tropical foods grown from the ground, hand crafted bread and cakes, just as a determination of European cold starters and cheeses. Lunch menu includes an extraordinary assortment of toll from pizza, pasta, plates of mixed greens, barbecue, fish to a meat dishes, cooked flawlessly. 

Water Estates visitors devour individually menu in the over-water Thari eatery and bar. An extravagance, inventive and prevalent yet loosening up comprehensive individually eatery offering a combination cooking, where current European, neighborhood and Asian fixings are joined in a blast of flavors. This food block is a lot more modest and feels somewhat better, in spite of the fact that there are a few stylish white wicker couches along the corner patio where visitors can have a mixed drink in the outside air. For private and sentimental suppers, fish menus including new lobster and prawns might be saved at an additional charge. 

The Thila with a dynamic, remarkable and drawing in setting, delectable Japanese Teppanyaki eatery offering an essential live cooking experience. Set in a lovely palm-leave-covered cottage, the particular culinary expert readies a determination of fish and meat on the Teppanyaki barbecue. 

A sentimental, restrictive and intricately arranged, yet unmatched customized Kakuni fish eatery offers the chance to tweak visitors' eating experience. Exceptional set menus, Lobster suppers or Indian Sea meals are accessible at better places to make the meals unprecedented and amazing. The banquet can be on the sea shore, on the water manor porch or before the sea shore lodge. 

The Maldivian night happens each Friday at 8pm, and has the point of tasting neighborhood flavors and dishes to the visitors, making the nearby individuals' traditions and culture known and living a really nearby involvement with the Maldives. A portion of the dishes served are: Fish soup Maldivian style, Maldivian style chicken, Maldivian style coconut fish, Noodles with vegetable, Buttered blended vegetables, Dhal curry, vegetable curry, white rice, broiled samosas, fish rolls, papadam Chapati with fish, coconut and onion, Barbecued fish and meat. 

On the off chance that you need to appreciate food encompassed by excellent view, you should pick one of the extraordinary menus for a private supper on the sea shore or on the patio of the room, or a night exceptional menu in the café (for an extra expense). Room administration is accessible just for visitors of water estates. 

Also, despite the fact that there is a unique bar and café serving Water Manors visitors, the inn's fundamental bar is situated on the sea shore, close to the principle eatery. This is an easygoing, basic and in vogue place with a perspective on the wide sea shore and turquoise water, and is open the entire day, from morning till late night. The bar has a decent determination of mixed drinks, non-alcoholic mixed drinks, hot teas and wines and spirits. Top-liquor and premium wines are accessible at additional charge, albeit the comprehensive arrangement likewise incorporates liquor, a choice of worldwide wines and a draft lager Lion from Sri Lanka. 

In the event that you are eager between dinners, this is the spot to discover evening tea, snacks, treats, sandwiches and veggie lover tapas. Also, albeit the hotel doesn't sell cigarettes, the principle bar has a selection of stogies. 

The hotel holds a diversion for the visitors, including unrecorded music during lunch and, a great many meals assortment amusement, stargazing night once every week, Bodu beru and Sea life science Night once per week

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