Ari (Alifu) Atoll

A home to LUX* South Ari Atoll, Ari Atoll otherwise called Alif or Alifu Atoll is one of the regular marvels of the Maldives. Being probably the biggest atoll in the Maldives, it extends from north to south in the western piece of the Maldives archipelago quickly via seaplane from Male air terminal. 

Ari Atoll is 89km long and 30km in width and has 105 islands and is officially isolated into two sections: North Atoll Ari and South Ari Atoll. South Ari Atoll, an Ensured Marine Region, stays probably the best spot on the planet to see whale sharks, which are spotted all year on the external reef, while North Ari Atoll is renowned for its hammerhead sharks, albeit these are undeniably more slippery and require profound plunging to see. The vast majority of the islands are home for the extravagance resorts while others are uninhabited, the rest are occupied by neighborhood occupants. The principle occupations of Ari Atoll are fishing, cruising, reaping and handling of corals. 

Available by open ship, speedboat, seaplanes and homegrown aircrafts from Male, Ari Atoll is home to numerous lavish lodgings situated on private islands with white sea shores, turquoise waters and elite plunging. Ongoing years have seen rised spending the travel industry with an expansion number of visitor houses and economy lodgings on the occupied islands of Ari Atoll, particularly in its northern part. Encircled by marvelous turquoise tidal ponds, white sands and palm shores, wonderful scenes additionally brag breathtaking house reefs in marriage with a rich marine life. Every island is a heaven in itself with a basic and simple lifestyle, which makes it ideal for an extraordinary occasion in the Maldives.

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